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Injury, triumph and a little bit of creativity

In an effort to bring more colour to ClaArProMo I cracked open the watercolour for the first time in ages 🙂

And I think this brings me a third of the way there

We won our second game of touch footy last night. We thought we would struggle against the team we played, but we really have it together early on this season. It helps that most of us know the rules (unlike this time last year LOL). Riscy sprained his ankle though, so I spent my time last night packaging ice into little ziploc bags and keeping Riscy’s tootsies warm whilst we chilled his ankle.

The doctor was quite impressed this morning and could tell we had been vigilant with the ice 🙂 Riscy has the rest of the week off work since he is hobbling around on crutches.

Tonight was very exciting for Australians as we qualified for the World Cup. For the first time in 31 years. It went all the way to a very tense penalty shoot out. The graduate who works for me was at the game which is pretty cool as the tickets were enormously hard to get. Continue reading

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I’m way behind

I don’t like the above piece, it was good to practice some techniques out, but it is about nothing, of nothing and doesn’t work for me at all. But, since I’m 7 pieces behind my goal, I can no longer throw the shit away, I either have to produce art that is acceptable to me… or face the pain of showing it publicly. 🙂 That’s me trying to be a self dicipinarian LOL

The neck is feeling a lot better today, I can move without pain, YAY!! It’s just a little stiff now. We have a bloke at work who is a passionate massage student and he came around this afternoon and gave my shoulder a good massage, he ‘tried a bit of reiki’ on me and tested out a few trigger points. I feel a little bit more free in my neck movements, but not totally right. I’ve got to play a game of touch football in 45mins so here goes nothing!

I was half expecting the delivery of some art supplies today. I have gone totally crazy with the paper sales which are happening at the moment (Neil Wallace Printmaking Supplies and Melbourne Etching Supplies) and spent a huge sum of money on paper. I even rang Neil Wallace’s in a panic yesterday so I could add some smooth printmaking paper onto my order.

I had originally ordered a heap of Hahnemule paper (150gsm for bookbinding and 300gsm for printing) which is a beautiful and soft, but quite rough textured paper, great for use on the etching press. But I need SMOOTH for monoprinting and relief printing which I do at home using a bamboo barren. The stuff I got was way cheaper than the other brands, it is called Dutch Etching…. I’m now very worried that I’ve made a $60 boo boo.

I sort of wish I’d just gone down to the shop instead of mail ordering, I have a feeling that I’ve way overdone the whole thing and I will have more paper than I could possibly use in a decade. I also bought a 10m roll of drawing paper! Yes, I think I went crazy. I’m going to take some down to my sister when I visit Hobart next week, I hope between the two of use we can use it. Continue reading

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More Monoprint

My sister and I have an informal postcard swap happening and I owe her one:

I woke up this morning with a very sore neck and shoulder. I lasted half a day at work before I called it quits and came home to rest on the couch. I’m feeling slightly better now, which is good.
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Monoprinting Rocks!!!

I knocked off work at 3pm yesterday so I could get my entry form in for the Traralgon Agricultural Show. I’m entering the Homespun section, my Kiri shawl and a skein of wool (yet to be spun).

Then I took myself to the library to look for books on printmaking. They have three books in the lending collection but I had to put an order on them since they are held at the Moe library. And there were two books in the Ex Yallourn section.

Yallourn was a town which was demolished to allow for the expansion of the Yallourn open cut coal mine. A work mate of mine grew up in Yallourn and it sounds like it was a great town with a cinema and a wonderful golf course… I also found out yesterday that I cannot borrow books designated ‘Ex Yallourn’.

But the librarian went out back to get me the two printmaking books from the collection. They were old but extremely absorbing, they have put the books aside for me and I’m going back for another read next week.

So, one of the techniques described was monoprinting…. I’ve done a bit of it with dye on fabric and with acrylic paints on paper, but never to my satisfaction, as it tends to look a lot like finger painting.

We’ll now I’m set, because I read about the technique where you roll out a thin film of ink onto a glass surface, lay the paper on top of the plate. The paper picks up the ink when you press or draw (I used a knitting needle) on the back. You can reuse the same plate to get a negative of previous images then press again to get interesting layered imagery.

The two photos above look slightly different in colour but in real life they are the same. Continue reading

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ClaArProMo Exhibit # 4

Yes people, I reckon Nick Cave (and the bad seeds)albums are perfect in every way . If you see it, snap up his double album Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus.

When I was at Uni, Nick Cave seemed to be more loved by persons of gothic persuasion, probably because he had written an album about murder (and did a duet with Kylie Minogue of all people), but that didn’t stop me from being intrigued by his music. Over the years I have come to really love and appreciate his work. I’m not one of those obsessive fans who knows every detail about an artist, but holy crap I love listening to his albums 🙂

I’ve come down with a little sickness, not enough to have time off work, but enought to shit me to tears. Here’s to Friday. Continue reading

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Charcoal Delight

I’m loving this challenge I have set for myself. I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I would have liked tonight. We had our first game of touch footy for the season… first game, first win!!

If you wish to see larger versions of the pictures I’m posting here just click on the pic and another page will open up, with a bigger picture 🙂

I’m starting to get excited about going to Tassie for Chelsea’s wedding, I think it’s gonna be like a slumber party as Kate and I will be bunking at Marge’s place in Kingston.

Chels, Kate, Marge and I were flatmates for a year at university, we lived in a place in Quayle Street on the boundary between Battery Point and Sandy Bay. It was a pretty amazing year looking back on it. It was the year Riscy left Tasmania (I cried a lot), Kate was in love with Tim, but he was American and lived in UTAH (of all places!), Marge and Pax shared a single bed for most of the year LOL, he used to traipse through the lounge room to the bathroom wearing her dressing gown (oh the memories of seeing that whilst eating breakfast!). Chels and her Pizza Hut buddies (groan), Monica dropping in for a goss (she met Matt that year). Wednesday Nights at Club Surreal were brilliant, the discovery of wine… from a bottle (Hanwood Estate Cab Sav), how posh, riding my bike to uni… they were good days (but I’m glad they are over, uni sucked!)

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ClaArProMo No 2 😛

A few years ago Riscy bought me a subscription to National Geographic. It had been my total favourite magazine when I was a teenager, our school had hundreds of old copies and I devoured them all. I wanted to be a photojournalist real bad (for about 6 months), but I couldn’t work out how you become one…. so I decided to become an engineer instead.

We only had the sub for a year, we let it lapse as it was just before the Iraq invasion and I couldn’t stomach even a hint of propaganda. It is a great mag though, and I might resubscribe again at some stage.

I tore one of them up to make the above collage, and a road engineering magazine. Just for good measure LOL

You will note that I have put my a link in my sidebar. If you want to see all my creations this month in one glorious hit; Click on the ClaArProMo over there. Continue reading

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My plans for a weekend of printmaking have all but halted. I spoke to the ‘person in question’ on Friday, and she is not keen for me to use the workshop for various reasons, I accept her decision, and I’m very happy to move on. I’ve got a million ideas, and most of them don’t include the use of a hulking big etching press LOL.

AND I must get a grip, why do I always need millions of supplies, just the right paper, the correct glue, the fancy fabric, a workshop space etc to START creating. It is just bullshit delay tactics because I’m too petrified to start.

NaNoWriMo, is a delay tactic. BUT I am foiling this by turning it around to suit my goal. Which is to produce art. Carol, I’m sure you will support me in this, as it is still the same philosophy as NaNo… which is to stop the procrastination and start working. There is huge value in this as you can’t stall by convincing yourself that the first attepmt has to be perfect. So I re-name this month Claire’s Art Production Month – ClaArProMo.

By the end of this month there will be 30 works of art to show.

The first one is above. I may blacken the white squares at a latter date, but for the purposes of this exercise, it is done.

Tonight I will do a collage, work a bit more on the mechanical book project and perhaps a postcard size charcoal or pastel drawing… I need to accelerate my out put so I can catch up, but also because I’m going to Tasmania for a wedding latter on this month and may not work on this for a few days. I’m very happy about ClaArProMo, I hope you will forgive my swap. Continue reading

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Busy Saturday

Today was beautiful. The sun was out, and it was a great day to spend in the garden catching up on all that weeding. Riscy mowed and I commented that the garden REALLY did look brilliant.

Then the back neighbour came over and wanted to start replacing the back fence today!! which meant that I had to trim all my plants well back from the fence. I mangaged to save everything, but it doesn’t look as good… not by a long shot.

Riscy and Reuben enjoyed the whole thing, I’m a little dubious about the shed which the neighbour is building right up to the fence. He is going to paint it and put lattice up, so it will at least form a base for my climbing roses… That’s a positive.

Reuben got to meet the dog from beyond;

I weeded and weeded and weeded and kept the little boy from next door amused by helping him dig holes and making him smell flowers. This was also blooming

In addition, I went on a mission this morning to find balsa wood. I had never actually worked with it before and I’m rather hooked, it cuts sooo easily.

My test piece didn’t work too well, but I have a few ideas which may sort out the technical difficulties.
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Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month? Starting 1 November (today) and ending 30 November you write a novel or 50,000 words of a novel (which ever comes first)

I’ve calculated that if I write 2500 words for 20 days of this month I would have 50,000 words.

Now, Carol, and anyone else who has a burning desire to write a novel, but thinks you need to take a year off work and live in Tuscany to really write: I want you to think seriously about trying this. If you do it, I’ll do it.

I’m gonna start tonight in case you decide to accept this dare… just so I have a head start.

As the idea is to write the novel without too much agony over quality, I’m going to discard all pretensions of being capable of writing like AS Byatt and settle into a zippy little genre romance… I know my shit in this sphere.

I DO NOT wish this to interfere with my artistic ambitions, so I’m going to ignore the tv this month and use that extra time to write. See, I have it all worked out 🙂

We had today off for the Melbourne Cup. It was a very hot day and tomorrow will be even hotter. Too much champagne has been imbibed, but its traditional. Isn’t it?

Makaybe Diva won the race for the third time, which is a record. I’m not into horse racing at all, but since they give us a public holiday, I figure I have to take a bit of interest. Continue reading

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