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Goodbye Gove

We fly out of Gove tonight and will have a day for shopping in Darwin before we drive out to Jabiru for Chris to start work on Tuesday.

Our year (+2mths) in Gove has been fabulous. It is an easy place to meet people as everyone in town is from elsewhere.  North East Arnhemland is a beautiful, unique and remote location which most people in Australia will never have the chance to visit.  It has also been a real privilage to learn about Yolngu culture first hand

For many years, Chris and I had been talking about combining travel with work, and though it felt like a risk to leave our jobs and home in Gippsland and enter a new industry, it has been an amazing experience so far!

So, goodbye Gove, the adventure continues.

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Dark Day

Somebody torched our dad’s house.  The house I grew up in, the house our single dad built when my sister, Meg, and I were little.

Here is the article from the local paper.  I cried this morning when I saw the first photo.  There really is nothing left and the house will be demolished this week.

Thankfully my dad, little sister, Zippy, and stepmother are safe.  They were away at a church camp at the time.  My dad’s dog, Ruby, was home and apparently she ran into the house when the firemen got there and they rescued her.   She is safe with dad now.

Unfortunately it looks like it was deliberately and maliciously lit.  We will wait to see what the police come up with.

I’m a long way from home and family.  But they are constantly in my thoughts. Thanks to Meg who has kept me in touch and who showed real strength yesterday.

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Movin’ and Groovin’

First of all, I’m posting a pic of the apple slice I made a week ago.  It was yummy, but very fiddly to make, next time I’ll use a smaller tin than specified as I had to spread out three very, very thin layers which hard to do without making mush.

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I’ve Quit Coco-Pops – Cold Turkey

The removalists are coming on Thursday.  So I need to get my craft and art supplies sorted out.  But I sorta got distracted by the basket of scrap fabrics under my desk.

This is the bag I made – front and back.  The only thing is that it took me four hours. I can’t believe it took me that long!   I think I spent too much time spaced out on the couch and I think I know why…

I’ve accomplished very little this week because of coco-pops.  I normally wouldn’t touch ’em, and I blame it on pregnancy cravings, but man they taste good and the snap, crackle and pop makes me strangely happy.  But I think they make me feel weird, sort of light headed and desperately in need of a lie down. 

So as of today, I’m back on the porridge. (and I’m gonna make more bags… cleaning can wait!!)

I’ve added some new blogs to my google reader account recently:

Needled is the blog of Wazzuki who lives in Edinburgh.  A fabulous writing style… and creative style too.  I got hooked in when I came across her making ties for her male loved ones for Christmas, very cool! 

Yummygoods is the blog of Melissa who lives in Cape Cod.  I love the colours and love that she recently set up a real life shop in about four weeks.  Melissa has a bright, forthright style and I like it 🙂

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Baby Blanket Panel One

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Baby Blanket Project

Of course, I live in the tropics so a wool blanket may not be terribly useful.  But it will be lightweight merino wool and our acommodation is fully airconditioned, so you never know!

I’ll take some ‘in progress’ photos so you can see how it comes together (if indeed it does!).

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2009 is shaping up to be a BIG year.  Later this month we’ll be moving to Jabiru which is located within Kakadu National Park  and of course our baby is due in late April.

So lots of changes and hopefully some more adventure is in store for us.  

In 2009 I want to have fun, take things as they come and be easy on myself. I know that a lot of my energy will be centered on our home life and I’m looking forward to it!

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