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Smoky Days

Today I had to go to Balook for work and I took the camera with me. 
The air is choked with smoke and it has been like this (on and off) for
days.  Sunday was the worst.  It got to 42degC (107F) and the smoke was
low and heavy all day.  The colours are weird too, every thing has a
yellow hue, especially in the morning and evening.

We have a lot of air traffic happening at the moment, one aircraft,
only an hour or two ago, was so loud overhead I felt that it was going
to land on our roof for sure.  Riscy went outside and saw it was a big
fire fighting helicopter.  We live about 5km from the
airfield, so I guess it was heading there to refuel or something.

fires are enormous and I can’t imagine what it is like to try and fight
such a thing or to be out defending your home and animals.

Unfortunately the people of Scamander in North East Tasmania lost many homes earlier on in the week. 

It seems weird to have such major bushfires so early in the year.  Summer has barely started.

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Party Weekend

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I wish, I wish

I wish I had something better to show you:

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