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Satin Stitch is addictive :o)

I’m on an embroidery kick at the moment. And I’m thinking of maybe making some things for sale.

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I’m trying to keep these little embroideries small so they can be completed in one night.  This one got a little out of hand so I think it’ll be a ‘3 nighter’.

Jasper has been embroidering too 🙂 I live in hope that he will stop grabbing my stitching, running off and pawwing at it with his sticky jam fingers.

My strategy is to get him involved until he loses interest – and then I get to sew for a bit on my own while he plays with his toys.  So far this hasn’t worked very well but I’m hoping that in time we’ll come to some sort of balance.

In the mean-time.  I’m very thankful for Friday Daycare.

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I’ve been using up leftover bits of embroidery thread.

And scraps of linen fabric. 

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My Creative Space – Hexagons


When I was little I thought all quilts involved patchwork hexagons.

I was thinking of  transforming this bit into a necklace, but I’m stumped about how I can stiffen it up to hang around my neck. Interfacing maybe?

If I can’t work it out I might just applique it to something. Or add more hexagons to it and see where it takes me.

I’m linking to My Creative Space this week.

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Labels And A Pouch to Keep Them In

Labels Done! I traced circles onto some old drawings of mine using the bottom of a pepper grinder as a template.  The drawing side is on display and the pertinant info is recorded on the back.

A few weeks ago I bought a book about Blackwork and gave a small motif a whirl.  The technique is pretty finicky – especially on the fabric I was using which wasn’t ideal for counted embroidery.

It took me about half an hour to make this up into a lined zippered pouch.  I’m pretty chuffed as I’d never tried to make one before and it all just came together so effortlessly.  Even with Jasper pressing buttons on my sewing machine while I was using it!

So this is where my spare jam labels and hole punch now reside.

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More Preserving!

Ok this might get a little boring for some… but I’ve been at it again:

Six jars of Onion Jam and two jars of Pickled Beetroot!  The onion jam tastes like sweet pickled onions  (YUM!!) and I’ll have to wait and see how the beetroot turns out.

Both recipes were from A Year in a Bottle by Sally Wise. (and the jars are sitting on a handmade tea towel made by Gina/ClutterPunk… I love it!)

I’m now at the stage where I need to consider labelling.  I think a simple tag on a string might be better than a sticker…. I hate trying to wash labels off bottles!

And, it’s been a while since I shared some photos of Jasper:

He turns 16 months old in a few days!

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Oven Mitts

No more burnt fingers!

I love the fabric 🙂 Funny thing though; it’s been sitting in my stash for eons and I’ve never thought much of it.  But yesterday it screamed “Use me, use me!!!” 

And I’m glad I listened 🙂

Perhaps I was also influenced by a new book in my collection: Russian Textiles – Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia by Susan Meller.  And my current obsession with a certain GREEN which pops up in this print.

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