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ClaArProMo No 2 😛

A few years ago Riscy bought me a subscription to National Geographic. It had been my total favourite magazine when I was a teenager, our school had hundreds of old copies and I devoured them all. I wanted to be a photojournalist real bad (for about 6 months), but I couldn’t work out how you become one…. so I decided to become an engineer instead.

We only had the sub for a year, we let it lapse as it was just before the Iraq invasion and I couldn’t stomach even a hint of propaganda. It is a great mag though, and I might resubscribe again at some stage.

I tore one of them up to make the above collage, and a road engineering magazine. Just for good measure LOL

You will note that I have put my a link in my sidebar. If you want to see all my creations this month in one glorious hit; Click on the ClaArProMo over there. Continue reading

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My plans for a weekend of printmaking have all but halted. I spoke to the ‘person in question’ on Friday, and she is not keen for me to use the workshop for various reasons, I accept her decision, and I’m very happy to move on. I’ve got a million ideas, and most of them don’t include the use of a hulking big etching press LOL.

AND I must get a grip, why do I always need millions of supplies, just the right paper, the correct glue, the fancy fabric, a workshop space etc to START creating. It is just bullshit delay tactics because I’m too petrified to start.

NaNoWriMo, is a delay tactic. BUT I am foiling this by turning it around to suit my goal. Which is to produce art. Carol, I’m sure you will support me in this, as it is still the same philosophy as NaNo… which is to stop the procrastination and start working. There is huge value in this as you can’t stall by convincing yourself that the first attepmt has to be perfect. So I re-name this month Claire’s Art Production Month – ClaArProMo.

By the end of this month there will be 30 works of art to show.

The first one is above. I may blacken the white squares at a latter date, but for the purposes of this exercise, it is done.

Tonight I will do a collage, work a bit more on the mechanical book project and perhaps a postcard size charcoal or pastel drawing… I need to accelerate my out put so I can catch up, but also because I’m going to Tasmania for a wedding latter on this month and may not work on this for a few days. I’m very happy about ClaArProMo, I hope you will forgive my swap. Continue reading

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