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I’m way behind

I don’t like the above piece, it was good to practice some techniques out, but it is about nothing, of nothing and doesn’t work for me at all. But, since I’m 7 pieces behind my goal, I can no longer throw the shit away, I either have to produce art that is acceptable to me… or face the pain of showing it publicly. 🙂 That’s me trying to be a self dicipinarian LOL

The neck is feeling a lot better today, I can move without pain, YAY!! It’s just a little stiff now. We have a bloke at work who is a passionate massage student and he came around this afternoon and gave my shoulder a good massage, he ‘tried a bit of reiki’ on me and tested out a few trigger points. I feel a little bit more free in my neck movements, but not totally right. I’ve got to play a game of touch football in 45mins so here goes nothing!

I was half expecting the delivery of some art supplies today. I have gone totally crazy with the paper sales which are happening at the moment (Neil Wallace Printmaking Supplies and Melbourne Etching Supplies) and spent a huge sum of money on paper. I even rang Neil Wallace’s in a panic yesterday so I could add some smooth printmaking paper onto my order.

I had originally ordered a heap of Hahnemule paper (150gsm for bookbinding and 300gsm for printing) which is a beautiful and soft, but quite rough textured paper, great for use on the etching press. But I need SMOOTH for monoprinting and relief printing which I do at home using a bamboo barren. The stuff I got was way cheaper than the other brands, it is called Dutch Etching…. I’m now very worried that I’ve made a $60 boo boo.

I sort of wish I’d just gone down to the shop instead of mail ordering, I have a feeling that I’ve way overdone the whole thing and I will have more paper than I could possibly use in a decade. I also bought a 10m roll of drawing paper! Yes, I think I went crazy. I’m going to take some down to my sister when I visit Hobart next week, I hope between the two of use we can use it. Continue reading

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