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Thread and Needle

I thought I’d quickly pop in here and throw up a picture of some stitching I’ve been doing recently. The cross stitch is something I started this week as I decided I wanted to make a wrist band/cuff to help me remember which breast I need to feed Jasper with at the next feed. (I’ve found an old friendship band which is doing the job in the meantime)

I’d envisaged a narrow band with a simple, but effective repeated motif, but something happened and it turned out sort of random and a little too wide perhaps. I think I need to introduce a different colour in there to liven it up too, so we’ll see how we go.

The other piece was stitched by me a few days leading up to giving birth to Jasper. Today is the first time I’ve looked at it since then.)

I used a few new-to-me techniques: Whipped running stitch stacked next to each other in the radiating triangles and I also stacked chainstitch to create the long brown rectangles and to strengthen up the outer part of the centre circle.

I don’t have a plan for how to use this piece. I’d just done teeny tiny doodle that I liked and then just launched into it while beached on the couch watching daytime TV… Ellen, Dr Phil, The View and Oprah (who seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with amputees the week I watched). Thankfully I don’t feel bored enough to watch these shows regularly… I’m not even sure if we get those channels out here in Jabiru anyway.

Chris goes back to work on Monday 🙁 I’ve loved having him with us and would love it if he was here all the time… but someone’s gotta bring home the bacon. Chris’ mum (Grandma) is coming to stay tommorow (yay!!), it’ll be great to see her and I hope she enjoys spending some yummy grandma time with Little J.

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The Birth Story

Warning: this post describes a birth and contains some information which some may find too intimate or just too much.  That’s ok, I won’t be offended if you just skip it 🙂

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We are happy announce the safe arrival of Jasper David Jennings.  Possibly the most delicious baby ever!

Born via emergency c-section at 6:20am, 9 May at Darwin Private Hospital. The labour was pretty intense but, as everyone says, the memory of the pain does fade quickly.  I’ll put together a seperate post with the gory details later.

He’s a big ‘un at 9pd 6oz, 54cm long.

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Still Here : Still Waiting

Yesterday was the due date…. but the only baby I got to hold was this little 2yo crocodile.  His skin was SOOO soft and cool to touch.

I’ve been in Darwin now for 2 weeks.  The first week I didn’t cope too well as Chris was still in Jabiru and I was worried about what would happen if I went into labour while he was there.  Anyway, things are just better when he’s around, so I’ve perked up since he’s been here.

I’ve been reading to fill in the time.  I read High Noon by Nora Roberts, I was expecting something like a bigger, better romance novel, which it was, but it was also quite violent with lots of shooting and death and the sexual assault of the main character… I didn’t expect that at all.

Then I read Marley and Me by John Grogan.  I really liked this book about a guy, his family and his labrador. It made me miss Reuben who is waiting it out at a boarding kennel. 

And last night I finished Barbara Kingsolver’s book The Poisonwood Bible.  Another good choice for me 🙂  I really love another one of her books The Prodigal Summer which I’ve read a few times.  

I was talking about The Poisonwood Bible with Chris the other day and he said, "oh a woman’s book"  Huh?  It’s just a bloody good book and I think it could be enjoyed by both genders!!  Then I asked him if he had EVER read a book by a woman.  He could only think of one, and that was they biography of Deny King "King of the Wilderness".  I don’t think that really counts given that it was written about a man and a pretty tough one at that! 

How annoying!  I’ve hooked up with a sexist reader!  Though I suppose I shoudn’t be suprised since his taste falls squarely into 2 catagories: Science Fiction (but NOT fantasy), and non-fiction…. generally really thick books about world war 2.

So the wait continues.  Today I read that 75% of babies are born after the due date and my obstetrician told me the average baby is born at 40 plus 3 days.  So why don’t they just give us that as our due date then?  Buggered if I know!

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