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Otherwise Engaged

Books, book art, bookbinding, paper craft, paper making, box making,
journaling, design, print & patterns, textiles, origami, art events – the blog of a bookbindery.

Design?DNA: The blog of Amy from Nashville; I love the mix of stuff that has come up on Amy’s blog – especially the textile and architecture related bits 🙂

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First Canvases

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More Journal

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Edited to add… These were done in my journal, the additional/contrasting rectangle is a partial section from the opposite page from the main painting (digital cut and paste).

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More Play

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Wrecking Journals

Keri Smith has just launched a new project called Wreck This Journal.  So in the spirit of letting go and being a bit more free and open with my creativity, I have glued some stuff into my journal 🙂

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Sun Leaf Tree

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Nothing Profound

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More Printing

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