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Spinning for the Show

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Cricket and a bit of Knitting

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Summer of Kayaking

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I’m spinnin’ around

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11 Things

Number 1:  I found the missing quilt tops in my box of handspun yarn.  So I’m happy now 🙂

Number 2:  Dijanne reminded me to mind my values.  Yes the fundamentals.  And yes I had neglected them.  So even though I had decided to ditch the purple fabric already, the choosing of the new background was a bit more focussed than it would otherwise have been. Thanks Dijanne.

Below is a progress shot of the laying out of the quilt.  I was trying to get things square at this point! 

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More water than tonic

Stuff it!  I’m moping around because I’ve lost some quilt tops.  Imprint and another half finished quilt top.

I can’t bloody well find them anywhere. 

And I’m going through a crisis regarding the direction of my quilting… probably something to do with the colours I’ve chosen for the Big Ice Tray quilt:

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