In Context

Wool Rug at Exhibition 2014Photo by Valeri Pain

The rug was completed in time for the submission cut off for the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyer’s Guild of Tasmania exhibition at Design Tasmania in Launceston.

I think the Design Tasmania staff and the Guild coordinator have done an excellent job in putting together an exhibition with a very diverse range of items from craft makers across the state.  The theme was Tasmanian Stories – Coastal and Inland.

I really love the way my rug has been installed – as it would be in use, but of course elevated just a bit.

I have yet to take a photograph of this rug that shows the colours correctly!  I’ll have another try when I get it back in August.

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  1. Congratulations – what a great piece! I also love the pic – a wonderful idea for display. It highlights the piece and no need for a “DO NOT WALK HERE” sign. I can see that the light is yellow in the pic – can’t wait to see it in natural light.

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