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And Piccalilli

This afternoon I made Piccalilli. 

The recipe say’s to wait a week before eating and a recipe online advised a month. I hope that the wait time will work some magic with the flavours.  In it’s current state it isn’t great – too salty and also, strangely, too sweet!

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Mandarin Jam

Proof of my goddess-ness!  4.5 jars of Mandarin Jam and it’s yummy! (independently tested by Chris).  Actually it’s more like a marmalade with skin included and a slightly bitter flavour.

This is the recipe if you feel inclined to give it a try 🙂 (Gina!)

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Playing at Domestic Goddess

Today I will attempt to make Mandarin Jam.

Instead of spending years saving jars, I ended up buying around 60 new jars and lids.  I have big plans for jam this year.

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Cushions, rug and paint

I’m very proud of the zip backing I put on these cushion covers 🙂

The hooked rug is getting boring and I’m only 1/10th of the way thorugh.  Options 1) use the colours in a different way 2) reduce the size.

A greeting card/painting in progress. (same scaley pattern as the rug!).

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A quick one

Clockwise from top left:

  • Quick biscuits using this recipe–  Very yummy!
  • Jasper and Chris at swimming lessons
  • Yoghurt with leatherwood honey – yum!
  • A bit of cross stitch, I’m using motifs I downloaded from Needleprint, they are the set called Vierlander Motifs Volume 1.

  • This week my ‘Free Friday’ was spent sewing a quilt top. My new strategy is to use the services of a long arm quilter to get some UFO’s finished and into use – lickety split.
  • All the yarn for the rug project has been cut, bundled and stashed in a basket ready for hooking.
  • I finally finished the crocheted blanket!  I hope it gets lots of use by it’s new owner – baby Mietta.
  • A shot of my work table last Friday morning – the radio is tuned to Classic FM, there’s coffee in the plunger and a day of sewing (and pilates class) is ahead of me.

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Cozy Coffee Plunger


Inspired by one of my favourite blogs Tiny Happy.  It was a situation where I saw her blog post and immediately started measuring my Bodum, riffling through fabrics, cutting and sewing.

This is the sort of fun stuff I can do when Jasper is at day-care 🙂  I’m finding that 6 hours respite a week makes a HUGE difference to my wellbeing (aka sanity) and a bonus is that Jasper seems to really enjoy it too!

The cozy was constructed almost exclusively from scrap bin fabrics (yay!!) and utilised a random bit of embroidery from my pile of random embroideries (super yay!!)

The buttons are from Deep Indigo Etsy Shop.  Aren’t they cute?  I think they are 🙂

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