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Straight and Narrow Challenge Quilt

Ahem. This is the quilt for QuiltArt Straight and Narrow Challenge. I’m on a high from the glue spray I used => why don’t I ever follow advice? Don’t breathe this stuff friends of Little Fish, it is not good for you.

Seven Little Pears. My Straight and Narrow Challenge Quilt. I took a few liberties with the definition of quilt (as opposed to quilts LOL).

A close up of the quilt

Here in Gippsland we are being devoured by mosquitos. I’ve never seen them this big, or this bad. I even got bitten on my ear on the weekend, it wasn’t itchy, just sore.

Mary Fever has hit our shores. Mary married a prince. Now we all want to know her (I’m currently filling in time, blogging, until her interview with Andrew Denton airs in 15 minutes time).

So you can claim seven degrees of seperation. Her dad taught me Mathematics at University in Tasmania – if my memory serves me correct, Calculus and Linear Algebra 2 in second year and Numerical Methods in third year, sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it. All of it is totally useless to me in my engineering practice – of course LOL

Tally Ho

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Sunday at the Beach

A big day of fishing and sailing in Inverloch

Around 4pm the beach was inundated with fishermen.

Riscy told me that he saw a rat and it ran up one of these trees. I hate rodents!

Reuben enjoyed going to the beach too!

Darlin’ Riscy, looking handsome.

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Sunday Pastels

All the skeins so far from my dyed fleece. I’ve decided against knitting this into a vest… the wool is too crispy feeling. I think I crochet it into granny rug squares with some green and blue.

Molineux Rose – Just to give you an idea of what is blooming in my garden at the moment.

This is the first bud of a new flush from my Savoy Hotel bush.

Climbing Seduction – this beast will be moved in Winter… It is thorny and prone to blackspot. The blooms a lovely though 🙂

We’re going to be beach this afternoon. First time this summer.
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Two Posts in One Day

In the spirit of me returning to my sewing room I present a finished quilt, I was so keen to have this finished, I sewed the binding by machine instead of by hand. Hand would have given me a nicer result from the back, but it makes little difference to the front, so I compromised in the interests of finishing it.

Pear Quilt – In Situ

I admit that I don’t really like it, but it will stay up until I make a replacement.

This is a close up of the quilting:

Detailed shot to show quilting

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Photoshop Fun

Computer innards look pretty fascinating to me. I was admiring an old graphics card today, I love the minature roads and houses and decided to take a photo or two.

Graphics Card

I need to get a few skills in photoshop, but I like what I achieved even with some basic filters.

I have heaps of ideas floating around at the moment. It’s just a matter of getting into my sewing room and creating some stuff now 🙂 how exciting!

I feel that my diversion into spinning has given me a needed break from quilting and now I can approach my work with a fresh outlook.

My new job is cramping my artistic style somewhat though, too bloody exhausting! Who would have thunk it? 🙂
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In the Mail

I received this postcard in the mail today from my sister Meg.

Chicken Pox by MegLeg

Meg is a painter. I think she’s having trouble doing art consistently as a young mother of an autistic child. We have an informal, irregular postcard swap going, I hope she continues as I love getting them from her.

I’ll be sending this one to her tommorow.

Night Fog

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Too busy for Creating

Well this sucks! Last night was the first time in ages that I haven’t created anything. We had our last game of touch footy in the round robin season, we had to win to make it to the finals. We won, 10-2. I was totally stuffed afterwards and ended up watching TV (Urgggg!)

I’m also trying to get pay pal to work for me. I have an account, I have just totally stuffed it up. I desperately want to buy a little purse from another blogger.

My last spinning lesson was on Monday night. Bev was happy with the bag I made her (I think). I tried out her little wheel which is the same type as the one I am going to buy. They were locally made and apparently a lot of local spinners have them. No longer in production though which could be a pain if I want extra spindles. But I figure it will still be cheaper than forking out of a new Ashford Joy which which was my other option.

Bev lent me a heap of stuff about dyeing with plant material. She has some fab examples of her experiments and I’m keen to try it. I’m going to try it on cotton fabric first rather than waiting until I’ve spun enough wool for my experiments.

I can’t be late for work today, so cheerio.

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The Knitting Bag is FINISHED!

Bev’s Knitting Bag

I’ll be sad to give this one away, but I’m sure Bev will get plenty of use out of it 🙂

We attended the Victorian Chilli Festival in Jindivick today. The festival is run at the farm of the Redback Chilli Co and is set up in their cow paddock 🙂 There was a salsa band playing today which really got me in the mood for tasting and spending LOL.

We went with our mates Frank and Sharon and their two boys. The boys were excited to be there after seeing the Chilli Cookoff episode of the Simpsons, being young boys they weren’t into actually tasting the chilli 🙂

On the way home, we stopped off at a little town called Yarragon, I splurged on a casserole dish made by Gooseneck Pottery of South Gippsland.

Upon arrival home we found that our neighbours have built a brick wall right next to (and parallel to) our side fence, the wide glass doors in our living area look straight out at it. I am angry about this, very angry.

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A Bit of Everything

Tonight I did a bit of everything:

Cooking – I made vietnamese noodle soup called pho. This was my favourite food when I lived in Vietnam in 1996.

Reading – I got another lot of books from the library today including a book about knitting with handspun yarn (circa 1987), and one about traditional guernsey patterns from England (circa the mid 70’s). The funny thing is that I now remember I borrowed this book from the library about 5 years ago LOL

Spinning – I practiced spinning some merino and couldn’t resist spinning a little bit of the (very expensive) alpaca/mohair blend top I had on hand. I’m definitely going to work on spinning that merino as it feels devine.

Sewing – Further construction on the BAG was done. The lining is in place and now I just have to whip up some handles.

AND I actually finished something, YAY!!!

Today’s Finished Object

I’m now going to make my evening complete; go to bed and read a bit of my new Textile Fibre Forum Magazine. I’m tooing and froing as to whether I should enquire about any unfilled spots at the Geelong Fibre Forum in September (I should just DO it and stop dithering!)

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More knitting and spinning

I’ve got to finish the bag I started on Sunday so I can stop feeling guilty for spinning wool instead LOL. Check out today’s accomplishment

This is the first skein of yarn I have spun from my hand dyed experiments. This is the wool I got in raw ‘sheep’ form… so much so that I was still picking poo out of it as I was spinning (YUK… I washed AND boiled this wool during processing, but the poo is tenacious

I think I’ll make the jumper (USA = Sweater) as shown in this picture from my recent second hand book purchase ‘Step by Step to Better Knitting and Crochet’ published by Marshall and Cavendish Books Ltd, London, 1980.

This book is full of little gems and the photographs are hillarious. But suprisingly, apart some bad poses, hair and makeup I’m generally impressed with the patterns… this book was published when I was 3 years old!! LOL

On the quilting front, I’ve been inspired by a talking book I’ve been listening to called ‘Life of Pi‘ by Yann Martel. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to listen to a good story while also sewing or spinning.

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