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Intensive No.1 -Lollies

I’ve been wanting to start an intensive project for ages, but couldn’t seem to settle on what I want to do! I was getting way too serious about the whole thing and hung up on the ‘final product’ and feeling too tired and, and, and…

Yesterday in a fit of frustration and in one of my short moments where Jasper was napping in his cot* I crept into my sewing room, snatched up a piece of scrap linen and quickly retreated to the loungeroom.  Where I took up some leftover standed cotton from my needle case and started stitching.

Just like that.  My intensive project has started.  I’m calling these little cross stitches ‘lollies’.  Small, unplanned, scattered, colourful and QUICK.

*Jasper has two naps per day and ususally wakes up after about 45minutes (one sleep cycle according to what I’ve read).  I’ve got into the habit of getting him out of the cot (where he’s usually standing up looking as awake as can be) and taking him to the lounge room where he quickly falls back to sleep, laying on me, for another 45-60 minutes.  This is a relaxing and a lovely way to while away my days…. but sucks in lots of ways.  Unfortunately he usually wakes up if I put him back into his cot.  Today I’ve resolved to keep on trying to get him to go back to sleep on his own.

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Jasper and the Jam

This one goes out to my lovely friend Tracey who sent us two jars of home grown, home made jam all the way from Canberra to Jabiru!

Jasper reckons that Tracey’s apricot jam is super YUMMY!

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Baby Pants Bonanza

In an attempt to maximise my sewing fun I’m making 6 pairs of baby pants at once!

1) Linen Chambray from Linnet this light weight linen has a lovely ‘shot’ weave with blue thread in one direction and green in the other,… these are ‘shorts’ length as I only had a small piece of the fabric.

2) Stretchy linen blend – leftovers from a skirt I made, but I’m making the ‘wrong’ side, not shown here as the ‘right’ side as I like the thin stripes (which may send me blind as it zizzes in front of my eyes!).  I’ve got lots of this fabric from Spotlight and I’ll be making myself some shorts from it too.

3) Cotton ‘rip stop’, also from Spotlight.  A crisp, dense weave, this was fabric left over from the shorts I made for myself a few weekends ago.

4) ‘Black hunter’ Linen from Tessuti. A light to medium weight linen woven from a black and white verigated yarn.  I really love this fabric and I’m thinking seriously about buying more to make a garment for myself.

5) ‘Edo Stream’ very light weight cotton from Tessuti.  This fabric is very soft.  I’m not sure how it will hold up as a pair of baby pants, but there’s only one way to find out!

6) ‘Cornwall – chino‘ linen from Tessuti. Beautiful, beautiful fabric!

Can you tell I’m still on my linen kick?  I just LOVE the feel and look of it and I can’t help myself from indulging.  The Tessuti linens are just under $40/m so I’m not exactly economising.

I have to mention that the cuts from Tessuti were very generous for the linen fabric, I ordered 0.5m and they sent 0.6m which leaves me with lots of nice chunky sized scraps to use in some little embroideries (which I’m dreaming about right now!).

So Jasper will be all set for pants which he mostly wears with bonds singlets as modelled above 🙂

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I did some more stitching this weekend.

And Jasper spent some time outside while Chris tried to take photos of dragonflies.  When they swarm it’s, apparently, a signal that the wet season will finish in about 6 weeks. 

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Did you know that it was my birthday this week.  I thought I was turning 34, but it turns out I was wrong. I’m 33.  Bonus!!! It’s like finding a $10 note in your pocket :o)

I’ve been noodling around with thread and fabric this week… in the evenings sitting on the couch with Chris, a glass of wine and our current ‘show of addiction’ (Deadwood) on the telly.  I stitch away and enjoy it very much! (Jasper is SLEEPING THROUGH people, my life is starting to feel normal and wonderful again)

Last weekend I finished 2 pairs of pants for Jasper (including a pair in brown check fabric above). I LOVE making baby pants.  They’re quick, practical and it gives me an excuse to buy 1/2 metre bits of fabric in all sorts of patterns and colours 🙂  Online retail therapy without any guilt what-so-ever!

I also finished a pair of shorts for myself.  The muslin (trial version) was really baggy, so I took off width at the side and the crotch… and now they are TIGHT.  So I’m going to add back all those bits before I make another pair.  Maybe Vogue Patterns knows better than me after all!

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