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Charcoal Delight

I’m loving this challenge I have set for myself. I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I would have liked tonight. We had our first game of touch footy for the season… first game, first win!!

If you wish to see larger versions of the pictures I’m posting here just click on the pic and another page will open up, with a bigger picture 🙂

I’m starting to get excited about going to Tassie for Chelsea’s wedding, I think it’s gonna be like a slumber party as Kate and I will be bunking at Marge’s place in Kingston.

Chels, Kate, Marge and I were flatmates for a year at university, we lived in a place in Quayle Street on the boundary between Battery Point and Sandy Bay. It was a pretty amazing year looking back on it. It was the year Riscy left Tasmania (I cried a lot), Kate was in love with Tim, but he was American and lived in UTAH (of all places!), Marge and Pax shared a single bed for most of the year LOL, he used to traipse through the lounge room to the bathroom wearing her dressing gown (oh the memories of seeing that whilst eating breakfast!). Chels and her Pizza Hut buddies (groan), Monica dropping in for a goss (she met Matt that year). Wednesday Nights at Club Surreal were brilliant, the discovery of wine… from a bottle (Hanwood Estate Cab Sav), how posh, riding my bike to uni… they were good days (but I’m glad they are over, uni sucked!)

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