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First off, I’d like to congratulate my sister, Megan Collidge, on her exhibition which opened last night at Devonport Regional Gallery.  It’s up until the end of October, so if you are in the area, make sure you drop by. 



There’s a group exhibition on at the same time and I noticed that Tara Badcock is part of the line up, which is one of those weird coincidences because I was only just looking at her work on flickr the other day.





In other links, I’ve enjoyed these interviews with Miso and Ghostpatrol over at Design Files.  I also rewatched this excellent ABC documentary. I particularly love Miso’s work, probably for the depiction of women and her use of pattern.


And finally, this exhibition of Macedonian Aprons at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney looks very interesting, the website is excellent for people like me, who can’t get there in person.  I particularly like how the aprons are linked to the stories of the women who own them… that sort of thing really floats my boat Smile

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Making clothes


I’ve been drafting a pattern for a pair of fitted shorts.  This time I’m using a commercial pattern and trying instructions from Pattern Fitting With Confidence by Nancy Zieman.

Dressmaking fabrics are starting to become an addiction, which is ok as long as they do, eventually, become clothes!

I couldn’t resist his sateen, which is destined to become a skirt.

The top fabric is a linen blend which I’ve used before in a differnet colour, it’s got a nice stretch to it, I think I’ll make shorts from this.  The bottom fabric is a black denim – lots of possibilities here.

This cotton print came from the christmas fabrics table at spotlight.  I really like red Smile

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I needed a moment there to catch my breath.  Infection, pain, a cold and just plain tiredness hit me at once.


Thankfully, Chris’ mum and dad have been here this week and I’ve been given respite and TLC and even a couple of sleep ins 🙂  So I’m feeling a lot better.


Before all that, I did sew up another skirt. I like the pin tucks even if the skirt hangs like a sack.  Maybe it wasn’t the best choice of fabric and maybe I’ll recycle it into a handbag if the mood strikes.


While recovering, I read Womens Work: the first 20,000 years by Elizabeth Wayland Barker.  An entertaining book about the history of textiles used as a tool to understanding the lives of women in ancient europe.  Highly recommended!

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Ohh look over there – a baby!

Please let me distract you with gratuitus baby photos while I recover from this excruciating breast infection.

Perhaps I should have saved this one for his 21st birthday party.

Cute romper supplied by Aunty Meggie

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