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Why buy dish cloths and sponges? I recently had a ‘Doh’ moment when I ran out of chux wipes and improvised by cutting up an old tea towel to make 4 dishrags. I overlocked around the edges to keep things … Continue reading

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Sponteneous Jewels

I dragged out my little stash of buttons this morning.  I put my hand into the lucky dip that is the button bag and came out with this beautiful morsel of plastic. And without much thought made a ring with it.  The workmanship is pretty rugged, but I really like wearing it.

I also finished quilting the summer quilt.  My workroom needs to be cleaned before I feel ready to make binding.

I am really appreciating my garden this year.  We have weeded and mulched half of it, something we didn’t do at all last year.  We were planning to do more this weekend, but Riscy came down with a cold after our trip to the Northern Territory last week so I’m taking the opportunity to veg out :-)   I can’t remember what the above plant is called… it is a bulb that comes up and flowers each spring.  This flower head wil get much larger and each one of those purple things becomes a little flower.

I love my nasturtium patch, it migrates around the garden from year to year.  The flowers are great for picking too :-) 

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I did a Basket Weaving with Natural Materials workshop today with Gippsland basketweaver Pat Dale. I have had her book for about 6 months, and jumped at the opportunity to do a workshop with her.

The basket is mostly made with materials that Pat has found locally or grows in her garden. Willow, watsonia, NZ flaz, bannana trunk, pandanus(?), native vines, reeds and button bush.

I’ve bought enough materials home to make another one and I want to incorporate fabric and yarn in it.

I have also cast on for a lace scarf, but there isn’t much to show yet, so perhaps in the next day or so.

Plus, I’m trying to go through “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” in an attempt to improve my drawing skills. I’ve got the book out of the library, so I’m trying to devote an hour a day to the book over the next couple of weeks. I’m going to be doing some blind contour drawings tonight.

I am hoping that I can improve, because my lack of drawing skill is starting to be a real hinderance in my art work.
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Wire Work and Some Yarn

I finished the sculptural piece I was working on – only to find it photographs terribly, believe it or not, the grass helps LOL. I think it turned out ok, but I wish I hadn’t messed with semi-spherical shape I was originally working with.

I have also been spinning this for a number of weeks.

I started out spinning it as thinnly as possible, but it was so boring, I navajo plyed what was on the bobbin and started again. It was still pretty fine and I felt like I was getting nowhere, with all that effort to get the spin into the thin singles.

I started to do a bit of research into my wheel (Ashford Traditional) and found out that the new flyers have three ratios. So I was spinning one night contemplating purchasing the necessary flyer when I started to pay attention to the flyer I have…. it actually has another ratio I’d never noticed, just thought it was a decorative element LOL And it does make a difference to the amount I am spinning too.

So I rocked up to my guild on Wednesday and proceeded to tell my story, which I thought was pretty funny. Then the two ladies next to me spinning on their traditionals suddenly realised that they had all those ratios too!!! And we solved another mystery too, the ‘Mother of All’ moves so the flyer grooves can be lined up with the big wheel.

OK. Another story. I did a printmaking class a few months ago and I want to do some more collographs. So I have started to arrange to use the print workshop one weekend soon. BUT, I have received a discouraging email from the workshop teacher basically saying that I am too inexperienced to do this on my own.

I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t think it is a complicated process, am I missing something? I print my linocuts at home, I’ve had plenty of experience inking up etched plates (I did plenty of that at Geelong), the printing press seemed simple to use (maybe she is worried I wont be able to set it up??). I had planned to take all my own stuff: inks, rags, tartalain, paper and even a soaking tray and I am preparing my collograph plates at home. The only thing I assumed would be at the workshop would be the press, and the blanket thingy.

She even offered to do the printing for me. Which could be an option if I find that it is all too hard. But most of the fun for me is getting the skills, experimenting etc.

So, I’m going to forge ahead, but make sure I’m as prepared as possible before going out there, just so I minimise the risk of appearing like a complete dick. Continue reading

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Wire sculpture and Jewellery

I have obtained a good quantity of copper wire from a local generator place (nice blokes), but I’ve found I can’t solder it readily as there is a coating on the wire (as the nice blokes and Riscy told me!), initially I planned to scrape the coating off before soldering, but it is a real pain, so I’m looking to other uses.

Here is what I wore to the concert this weekend:

As alluded to yesterday, I’m also making a sculptural peice which I’m hoping to have finished by the weekend.
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