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Some Techincal Difficulties and a Breakthrough

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Colour Craving

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The Church

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And a quilting we shall go

It is hard to say how much more quilting I have to do on the Dredger Quilt, perhaps 1/4 maybe less.  It depends how much quilting I do in the trusses.  


This is where I was at last night.  I wanted to incorporate text and I went with the obvious… but perhaps
in a years time,  not so obvious.

Last night Riscy and I went to a perfomance which took place on the dredger.  It was staged as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations.  The dredger was a very dramatic setting as you can imagine, especially with images projected onto such a huge machine and aerial performers leaping about the place.

It was an impressive community event, however Riscy summed up my feelings very well when he said it was designed to appeal to the very young and the elderly.  It felt a little bit like an oversized school production where all the grades have to perform and the production lacked a little bit of cohesiveness and perhaps even quality control… however as a participation event, wonderful.

I have revisited the quilting motif I tediously unpicked the other
day… This time with a blending thread and a bit less dense. I’ve
covered about a quarter of the background with this, so there is no
going back!

This weekend I also joined ARC Yinnar.  I am interested to see how this works out.  As well as providing good workshop facilities so I can continue to dye after the kitchen renovation, I hope that face to face contact with other creative people will be fun and motivating.

One interesting aspect that I think I’ll have to deal with is showing my work in public, ARC has a gallery and lots of group shows.   I know that sounds funny, considering I show photos here on my blog all the time, but I still feel a bit intimidated.

I have also been spinning, picking through a fleece and washing wool today whilst watching the final events of the Commonwealth Games, this was the only day of the Games that I watched though, so I didn’t feel too bad about being sucked into watching the cycling and netball.

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Ah, so the brain is starting to wander onto new creations… even though I have not finished the dredger quilt, not by a long shot.

Behold, a germ of an idea for a new piece

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Next Knitting Project

I have borrowed this book from Dianne at Spinners and Handweavers.

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When only stippling will do

Dredger - Stippling

This photo doesn’t show my quilting very well, but I decided to use medium stipple as a background for the branches. I will outline the branches in a darker colour and I will probably also outline the river (which is totally lost in this photo), so they stand out more.

I decided I want the branches to stand out in the circle of the river, so I choose to use a very light thread which blended into the fabric.

What I love about stippling is the wonderful texture that appears on the surface of the quilt. It is almost impossible to capture with flash photography.

Dredger - Stippling Close up

A close up of the stippling.

I’ll take some decent, natural light photos at some stage.

NOW…. I owe huge apologies to people who have tried to leave anonymous comments on my blog, I realised this morning that my anti-spam software has been deleting them. Riscy is going to upgrade the software so the problem will hopefully be fixed soon.

Comments by people who fill in all the fields seem to be showing up, so don’t stop commenting.

I have been responding to comments in the comments section rather than emailling the commenter back. I’m a bit unsure of the protocol though. I seldom check back to comments I’ve left on other sites… I’m thinking emailling is a better way, but then dialog is lost from my blog. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

Other activities this weekend can be summed up as follows:
Appliance shopping in Melbourne, knitting, hand carding some wool, blog maintenance, bike ride, appliance shopping in Traralgon, paper mache(!!), new blog banner, quilting, blogging.

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The Dreaded Dredger

Dredger - Purple Quilting

Not the effect I was looking for. I found this quilting too dense and it distracted attention away from the branches.

Dredger - Purple Quilting Undone

So I spent a good hour unpicking.

Next Quilting Move:

I’m going to try outlining the branches in dark brown and then quiling ‘scudding’ clouds behind the branches, nothing too dense. This is a large quilt and I want to finish it this lifetime!

Renovation News:

We met a potential builder today and realised that our life will be a mess for a couple of months starting May. Today someone at work told me that renovating was right up there with ‘death in the family’ for stressful experiences. Great!

Sinus News:

I’ve been suffering in the sinuses. Yesterday we were scoping works on a particularly windy mountainous road and in addition to the usual car sickness, my head was getting stuffier and stuffier and my ears felt blocked.

So I tried to unblock my ears by holding my nose and gently blowing. But stuff bubbled out of my right eye… my EYE!!

Euwww!!! But to make matters worst I woke up this morning and that eye was all puffy underneath, so I had to go to work looking ugly. Boo Hoo.

I give now give up all resistance to taking drugs for this stuff, even if the tablets taste icky. Continue reading

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Pot ‘o’ pencils

Pot 'o' pencils

My pencils live in this Raku fired pot (which I made!)

I received the pencils as a Christmas present from my mother, I think I was 15.

My mother moved away when I was three and my sister was one and she choose not to keep in touch with us. She didn’t reemerge ’til I was about 15. My sister and I let her fade out of our lives again fairly soon after.

People seem to expect that I should have some deep seated issues about this but I don’t. I had a rich, interesting childhood with extended family and community, I just don’t have that hole to fill I guess.

The pencils look quite good in that raku vase, I had them out last night, trying to add a bit of colour to some rather crap monoprints I did on the weekend, watercolour would be better but this relief ink I have is watersoluble:

Monoprint  and Pencil

An experimental monoprint coloured with pencil.

This cold is winning the war tonight, So I’m just about to take some medication and vamoose off to bed.
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It got me

I ran but I couldn’t hide. I got the cold 🙁

I am also officially sick of seeing the dredger quilt on my blog day after day so I present to an ultra close up of my florabunda rose: Margaret Merrill

Rose - Margaret Merrill

Margaret Merrill is a rose I could sniff all day long. She is looking a little imperfect today, but the poor thing had to put up with 40degC yesterday and pouring rain today.

And a shot of the clouds currently rolling over our house:

Labour Day Clouds

I love clouds 🙂

Even though I am sick of seeing it here, I am not sick of working on the Big Dredger Quilt. I’ve done some further quilting and I’m very pleased with how it is turning out! I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do tonight though… I may nurse my cold on the couch with my knitting and a bit of Telly for comfort. Continue reading

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