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Date Night

Chris and I loved Power Works at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens last night. Now I want some sound and light installations in my own backyard!

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Busy bee

Jasper and I have been away visiting friends and grandparents in northern Tasmania. Jasper got a ride in Poppy’s wood cart – how exciting for a ‘nearly’ two year old 🙂 I did a little bit of stitching too. It’s … Continue reading

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Phone posting

Let’s see how we go with the new technology 🙂 The phone isn’t so great for taking photos of small works especially since I’m used to a fancy DSLR, macro lens and photoshop. But we’re in quick and dirty mode … Continue reading

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Just a Few Things

Changing Rooms

Chris has been working hard behind the scenes on this little blog (like writing code and stuff!) so that we can move it all over to a Wordpress format.  Yippeee!

It’ll make posting a lot quicker 🙂  and he assures me that I’ll even be able to post from my phone!  Imagine…. I’m working on something, take a picture with my phone and blog about it immediately.  And all from the comfort of the couch or from my whirlwind sewing room, or wherever.

We’ll have a go at moving it over this weekend.  The web address will stay the same and the old content will be available but we’ll have a whole new set up.

Cutting out the Crap

I’m a big fan of Google Reader.  But a few high volume sites take up much of my precious blog reading time and provide little ‘creative nourishment’ in return.

Today I was ruthless and deleted sites like a mad woman.  I’ve gotten rid of anything that has major focus on consumerism, high end product design and any of that trend crap. It has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth recently.

How great it is to feel NORMAL

I can now celebrate the end of feeling tired and sick every single day!  It can really make a girl feel resentful and annoyed at the whole idea of childbearing and more than once I cursed my femaleness. 

Anyway, I have lots of pent up ideas and creative impulses that are getting a little hard to reign in now that I’m back in business 🙂

OK see you on the other side…. hopefully with a shiny, new, (and working) littlefishcreations!!

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Well this is what I’ve been working on for the last few months:


If you sort of squint your eyes you can see what might or might not be a baby’s head!  This is the best scan photo they got… the rest of the pictures indicate that I could be incubating a miniature Darth Vader.

Anyway, so yes, we are expecting another baby 🙂  due mid September.

We’re nearing the end of the first trimester thank goodness.  I’ve been suffering from the usual tiredness, nausea and general lack of motivation that comes with early pregnancy. 

This might explain the lack of any posts here as I’ve been doing nothing but laying on the couch moaning, ordering Chris around and putting endless episodes of Chuggington on the TV to keep Jasper amused.

Though he’s going ‘cold turkey’ next week as our TV will be having a holiday at the repair place.

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