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More knitting and spinning

I’ve got to finish the bag I started on Sunday so I can stop feeling guilty for spinning wool instead LOL. Check out today’s accomplishment

This is the first skein of yarn I have spun from my hand dyed experiments. This is the wool I got in raw ‘sheep’ form… so much so that I was still picking poo out of it as I was spinning (YUK… I washed AND boiled this wool during processing, but the poo is tenacious

I think I’ll make the jumper (USA = Sweater) as shown in this picture from my recent second hand book purchase ‘Step by Step to Better Knitting and Crochet’ published by Marshall and Cavendish Books Ltd, London, 1980.

This book is full of little gems and the photographs are hillarious. But suprisingly, apart some bad poses, hair and makeup I’m generally impressed with the patterns… this book was published when I was 3 years old!! LOL

On the quilting front, I’ve been inspired by a talking book I’ve been listening to called ‘Life of Pi‘ by Yann Martel. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to listen to a good story while also sewing or spinning.

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Spinning Corner

I spashed out and brought some fancy storage boxes from Freedom Funiture for my spinning supplies, wool etc. I have also found that they are good ‘tables for my flick carder, waste wool etc while spinning.

New Improved Spinning Station.

Boxes to hold my spinning supplies.

I spun another spool of the purply pink dyed wool last night. I’m going to ply tonight (my favourite part!).

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