Daily Archives: February 17, 2005

A Bit of Everything

Tonight I did a bit of everything:

Cooking – I made vietnamese noodle soup called pho. This was my favourite food when I lived in Vietnam in 1996.

Reading – I got another lot of books from the library today including a book about knitting with handspun yarn (circa 1987), and one about traditional guernsey patterns from England (circa the mid 70’s). The funny thing is that I now remember I borrowed this book from the library about 5 years ago LOL

Spinning – I practiced spinning some merino and couldn’t resist spinning a little bit of the (very expensive) alpaca/mohair blend top I had on hand. I’m definitely going to work on spinning that merino as it feels devine.

Sewing – Further construction on the BAG was done. The lining is in place and now I just have to whip up some handles.

AND I actually finished something, YAY!!!

Today’s Finished Object

I’m now going to make my evening complete; go to bed and read a bit of my new Textile Fibre Forum Magazine. I’m tooing and froing as to whether I should enquire about any unfilled spots at the Geelong Fibre Forum in September (I should just DO it and stop dithering!)

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