Daily Archives: February 23, 2005

In the Mail

I received this postcard in the mail today from my sister Meg.

Chicken Pox by MegLeg

Meg is a painter. I think she’s having trouble doing art consistently as a young mother of an autistic child. We have an informal, irregular postcard swap going, I hope she continues as I love getting them from her.

I’ll be sending this one to her tommorow.

Night Fog

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Too busy for Creating

Well this sucks! Last night was the first time in ages that I haven’t created anything. We had our last game of touch footy in the round robin season, we had to win to make it to the finals. We won, 10-2. I was totally stuffed afterwards and ended up watching TV (Urgggg!)

I’m also trying to get pay pal to work for me. I have an account, I have just totally stuffed it up. I desperately want to buy a little purse from another blogger.

My last spinning lesson was on Monday night. Bev was happy with the bag I made her (I think). I tried out her little wheel which is the same type as the one I am going to buy. They were locally made and apparently a lot of local spinners have them. No longer in production though which could be a pain if I want extra spindles. But I figure it will still be cheaper than forking out of a new Ashford Joy which which was my other option.

Bev lent me a heap of stuff about dyeing with plant material. She has some fab examples of her experiments and I’m keen to try it. I’m going to try it on cotton fabric first rather than waiting until I’ve spun enough wool for my experiments.

I can’t be late for work today, so cheerio.

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