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Straight and Narrow Challenge Quilt

Ahem. This is the quilt for QuiltArt Straight and Narrow Challenge. I’m on a high from the glue spray I used => why don’t I ever follow advice? Don’t breathe this stuff friends of Little Fish, it is not good for you.

Seven Little Pears. My Straight and Narrow Challenge Quilt. I took a few liberties with the definition of quilt (as opposed to quilts LOL).

A close up of the quilt

Here in Gippsland we are being devoured by mosquitos. I’ve never seen them this big, or this bad. I even got bitten on my ear on the weekend, it wasn’t itchy, just sore.

Mary Fever has hit our shores. Mary married a prince. Now we all want to know her (I’m currently filling in time, blogging, until her interview with Andrew Denton airs in 15 minutes time).

So you can claim seven degrees of seperation. Her dad taught me Mathematics at University in Tasmania – if my memory serves me correct, Calculus and Linear Algebra 2 in second year and Numerical Methods in third year, sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it. All of it is totally useless to me in my engineering practice – of course LOL

Tally Ho

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