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Sponteneous Jewels

I dragged out my little stash of buttons this morning.  I put my hand into the lucky dip that is the button bag and came out with this beautiful morsel of plastic. And without much thought made a ring with it.  The workmanship is pretty rugged, but I really like wearing it.

I also finished quilting the summer quilt.  My workroom needs to be cleaned before I feel ready to make binding.

I am really appreciating my garden this year.  We have weeded and mulched half of it, something we didn’t do at all last year.  We were planning to do more this weekend, but Riscy came down with a cold after our trip to the Northern Territory last week so I’m taking the opportunity to veg out :-)   I can’t remember what the above plant is called… it is a bulb that comes up and flowers each spring.  This flower head wil get much larger and each one of those purple things becomes a little flower.

I love my nasturtium patch, it migrates around the garden from year to year.  The flowers are great for picking too :-) 

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