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Wire Work and Some Yarn

I finished the sculptural piece I was working on – only to find it photographs terribly, believe it or not, the grass helps LOL. I think it turned out ok, but I wish I hadn’t messed with semi-spherical shape I was originally working with.

I have also been spinning this for a number of weeks.

I started out spinning it as thinnly as possible, but it was so boring, I navajo plyed what was on the bobbin and started again. It was still pretty fine and I felt like I was getting nowhere, with all that effort to get the spin into the thin singles.

I started to do a bit of research into my wheel (Ashford Traditional) and found out that the new flyers have three ratios. So I was spinning one night contemplating purchasing the necessary flyer when I started to pay attention to the flyer I have…. it actually has another ratio I’d never noticed, just thought it was a decorative element LOL And it does make a difference to the amount I am spinning too.

So I rocked up to my guild on Wednesday and proceeded to tell my story, which I thought was pretty funny. Then the two ladies next to me spinning on their traditionals suddenly realised that they had all those ratios too!!! And we solved another mystery too, the ‘Mother of All’ moves so the flyer grooves can be lined up with the big wheel.

OK. Another story. I did a printmaking class a few months ago and I want to do some more collographs. So I have started to arrange to use the print workshop one weekend soon. BUT, I have received a discouraging email from the workshop teacher basically saying that I am too inexperienced to do this on my own.

I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t think it is a complicated process, am I missing something? I print my linocuts at home, I’ve had plenty of experience inking up etched plates (I did plenty of that at Geelong), the printing press seemed simple to use (maybe she is worried I wont be able to set it up??). I had planned to take all my own stuff: inks, rags, tartalain, paper and even a soaking tray and I am preparing my collograph plates at home. The only thing I assumed would be at the workshop would be the press, and the blanket thingy.

She even offered to do the printing for me. Which could be an option if I find that it is all too hard. But most of the fun for me is getting the skills, experimenting etc.

So, I’m going to forge ahead, but make sure I’m as prepared as possible before going out there, just so I minimise the risk of appearing like a complete dick. Continue reading

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