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Wire sculpture and Jewellery

I have obtained a good quantity of copper wire from a local generator place (nice blokes), but I’ve found I can’t solder it readily as there is a coating on the wire (as the nice blokes and Riscy told me!), initially I planned to scrape the coating off before soldering, but it is a real pain, so I’m looking to other uses.

Here is what I wore to the concert this weekend:

As alluded to yesterday, I’m also making a sculptural peice which I’m hoping to have finished by the weekend.
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Phillip Glass etc

On Saturday Afternoon we zoomed off to Melbourne again. We had arranged to stay with the lovely Tricia in Brighton – one of my room mates from the Geelong Forum.

Tricia had a beautiful little garden with the longest wisteria blooms I have ever seen. She isn’t sure why they grow so long (about a metre) but she suspects it is because she is ruthless with her pruning every year.

Tricia also makes a mean Gin and Tonic :-).

We then headed off to the State Theatre to see Phillip Glass’ Orion. It was WONDERFUL. Composed as part of the Cultural Olymiad in Athens last year the work incorporates guest musicians/collaborators from all the populated continents.

The piece had the stamp of Phillip Glass (who composed the music for The Hours and The Truman Show, for those unfamiliar with his work) but the addition of the guest musicians (which included the digeridoo, chinese lute, fiddle, sitar etc all all coming on seperately through the piece, not all at once) added so much more.

The next day, after a walk along Brighon Beach with Tricia and her dogs, George and Bianca, we decided to drop into NGV International to see an exhibition called Everlasting – The Flower in Fashion and Textiles. It was interesting, but not as good as I had hoped, even with taking the time to sketch some interesting points, I was through in about 20 minutes. I was hoping for something much more absorbing.

We went through the asian art section, I just can’t get over the delicacy of the pots which were made 2000BC, the pottery almost seemed to get coarser as the years progressed. I’m making a wire piece in light of what I saw, so it was a worthwhile trip even for that 🙂

Another practice match tonight before we launch into the new season of Touch Football. I forgot how much I enjoy the game! Continue reading

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