Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Intensive No.1 -Lollies

I’ve been wanting to start an intensive project for ages, but couldn’t seem to settle on what I want to do! I was getting way too serious about the whole thing and hung up on the ‘final product’ and feeling too tired and, and, and…

Yesterday in a fit of frustration and in one of my short moments where Jasper was napping in his cot* I crept into my sewing room, snatched up a piece of scrap linen and quickly retreated to the loungeroom.  Where I took up some leftover standed cotton from my needle case and started stitching.

Just like that.  My intensive project has started.  I’m calling these little cross stitches ‘lollies’.  Small, unplanned, scattered, colourful and QUICK.

*Jasper has two naps per day and ususally wakes up after about 45minutes (one sleep cycle according to what I’ve read).  I’ve got into the habit of getting him out of the cot (where he’s usually standing up looking as awake as can be) and taking him to the lounge room where he quickly falls back to sleep, laying on me, for another 45-60 minutes.  This is a relaxing and a lovely way to while away my days…. but sucks in lots of ways.  Unfortunately he usually wakes up if I put him back into his cot.  Today I’ve resolved to keep on trying to get him to go back to sleep on his own.

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