Daily Archives: March 5, 2010


Did you know that it was my birthday this week.  I thought I was turning 34, but it turns out I was wrong. I’m 33.  Bonus!!! It’s like finding a $10 note in your pocket :o)

I’ve been noodling around with thread and fabric this week… in the evenings sitting on the couch with Chris, a glass of wine and our current ‘show of addiction’ (Deadwood) on the telly.  I stitch away and enjoy it very much! (Jasper is SLEEPING THROUGH people, my life is starting to feel normal and wonderful again)

Last weekend I finished 2 pairs of pants for Jasper (including a pair in brown check fabric above). I LOVE making baby pants.  They’re quick, practical and it gives me an excuse to buy 1/2 metre bits of fabric in all sorts of patterns and colours 🙂  Online retail therapy without any guilt what-so-ever!

I also finished a pair of shorts for myself.  The muslin (trial version) was really baggy, so I took off width at the side and the crotch… and now they are TIGHT.  So I’m going to add back all those bits before I make another pair.  Maybe Vogue Patterns knows better than me after all!

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