Persistence and Potential

Some time in the middle of 2013, probably about the time of my last post, Ada suddenly stopped having a day time nap.  The effect on me being the lack of space to think and read and do…. to weave.

Ada Xmas 13However, I am a lucky mother;

I am able to use my spinning wheel when my children are around me.  I am happy for them to help me with the treadling and now Jasper is able to draft a little bit too.

Jasper Xmas 13I am happy for them to fiddle with my wheel when I’m out of the room (kerThump goes my patient Ashford Traditional as Ada once again tries to shove a handful of wool into the orifice!).

And, in general, they are happy to play or watch TV when I’m at my wheel, leaving me to get on with it. So:

Spinning2 2013That is 18 skeins of handspun wool.  Waiting to be turned into cloth.

What a lucky woman I am to have all this to look forward to.  All this planning, weaving and maybe even sewing.  And definitely more spinning 😀

I wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2014.

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  1. Rose Mildenhall says:

    Happy New Year. Hope you fit in plenty of weaving in 2014. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the lovely photos and commentary.

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