Spin and Weave

I bought a beautiful grey sheeps fleece – oh how I love to sniff wool – its my kind of heaven.  I washed, carded and spun.

Then I wove.

This is a huck draft. And the red was a happy ‘fix’ for a problem …. not enough warp yarn to get the width I needed.

After I wove and washed (and fulled) this fabric, I lost most of the lovely huck texture.  But the fabric…. Oh yes, I love it!

The intended purpose?

A cushion cover.  There will be two.  Do you like the tassels?  I LOVE the tassels! Thanks to my guild buddy Jutta for the inspiration!

Ada turned 17 months old today.  She gave the cushion a rigorous test drive and now I’m wondering if it will survive her special brand of loving 😀

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3 Responses to Spin and Weave

  1. meg says:

    Maybe it would be better as a reading pillow in your bedroom =D I’d hate to see your beautiful waste ruined in that special way that only children know how.

    I absolutely love the fabric and the tassels. Most of all I love the colour of the grey wool. Well done you

  2. meg says:

    lol ‘work’ not ‘waste’ …must be bedtime

  3. meg says:

    PS she’s sooooo pretty xxx

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