Hi Friends!

I’ve been blogging since early 2005 and in that time my interests have shifted – as is natural 🙂 So. I’m declaring here that this blog now concerns home economics, parenting, gardening, cooking and the good old arts and crafts. Pretty much anything that I’m into at the moment!

While I’m at it, I want to send out love to my sister Meg and to my friend Sarah who I think are my main readers these days… I hope you enjoy the change and I also hope some new readers and commenters join you soon! hehehe

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2 Responses to Declaration!

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay you Claire!

    Guess what – I JUST finished knitting Gus jumper – and he REFUSES to wear it. Make a mum sob! Hoping after his sleep he is more compliant. Might have to bribe?

    • Claire says:

      He’ll wear it if he’s cold enough :-O have you finished your book club book yet? I’ve still got a way to go …

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