Playing with Fate

I tempted fate and I WON! As mentioned in my previous post I planted tomatoes and I’m pleased to announce that we will not be around to harvest them since we have FINALLY BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yes I do shout it out like that every day 🙂


It seems planting garlic didn’t provide temptation enough for fate and I’ve made my harvest this week -perhaps a little early for some bulbs but the tops were seriously dying off do I figured it was time 🙂

These are the same garlics that sent me to hospital during my pregnancy. It turns out that digging over a garden in your third trimester is not recommended (take note pregnant readers!!! MW especially!)

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3 Responses to Playing with Fate

  1. meg says:

    nice crop. If only you could go to your new house and plant some tommy’s there so they’ll be ready to eat when you get there!

  2. mw says:

    aahhaha. yes i will take note :). i’ve been struggling just walking to the car since the beginning! i miss my gardening days though. :\.

    love the color of these garlic bulbs. didn’t know they could be so purple. yayay! for your beautiful new house. i’m still so excited for you :D.

  3. Sue says:

    Congratulations on the house!

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