Ada my Ada

Sometimes when I look at Ada it’s like I’m looking at myself and I get a bit startled by it. Which is funny since when Jasper was little I’d often see my sister, Meg, in his face especially from certain angles.


Ada has been an easy baby to care for SO FAR (I always say that so I don’t jinx myself… And then laugh at my silly superstition!). And the great debate is around whether it’s because she is easier than Jasper OR if it’s because we (mostly) know what we are doing this time. A bit of both – we suspect.


Another superstition… I’ve planted tomato seedlings in our garden in the hopes that this will tempt the fates into helping us find a house to buy. Because the fates would love nothing more than to see me nurture tomato plants all summer only to find that we have to leave before we get a harvest! 😉


The thing is… If we stay here much longer I will have to give up my sewing room because Ada can’t sleep in our lounge/kitchen/dining space forever!

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  1. meg says:

    Great photos of here. It’s fuuny that you say Jasper looks like me. I see dad in Jacob all the time. Ada really does look like you =)

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