Back when Jasper was little I bought a pattern for baby bootees. I made up the largest size and they were still way to small for him … I put it down to him being a big boy and didn’t think anything more about it until…

Today when I finished up a pair in the 3-6 month size range. And they have turned out to be extremely tiny. Tiny enough to fit Jasper’s 1/2 size newborn dolly :-(. I’m pretty cheesed off with myself… But on the bright side they do stay on the dolly’s feet unlike the socks that Jasper and I made for it!

I have been busy sewing… A hooded jumper for Jasper, bassinet blankets, Jasper pants etc. I just need to get some photos of them! Next on the agenda are some baby things… Things that might give away the baby’s gender!

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3 Responses to Bootees

  1. meg says:

    they are really sweet. I haven’t been over for so long that I’ll be here for an hour catching up…..

  2. monica says:

    have you checked the seam allowance?

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