Black cardigan


Today I’m determined to finish making this cardigan, I’ve adapted a maternity t-shirt pattern from Burda and it seems to be working out pretty well.

So I need to sew on snaps and the last two buttons and theoretically it would be finished… But there are a few little tweaks I need to make before I’m totally happy;

1) The back of the neck has stretched out. I stabilized it with stay stitching prior to applying the binding but it didn’t hold given the weight and stretch of the fabric. I’m a little bit unsure how to accomplish this in a neat way. Hand stitching maybe.

2) I overlocked the armscye and it isn’t sitting well at all, this fabric doesn’t ravel so I really don’t need to finish the seam. So I plan to re-sew the top part of the sleeve settings and cut off the overlocked bit.

And then I’ll be done and I can start sewing some baby clothes 🙂

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