Time to capture some random thoughts!

1) today I used some freshly harvested kale from the garden, the plant doesn’t look fabulous with it’s moth holes and general neglect. But some of the nicer leaves went very well finely chopped into a risotto.
2) I’ve been working on a little cross stitch project. We have a new bodum French press coffee thingo and it needs a cosy 🙂 the cross-stitch will be incorporated into the cosy and I think it’ll be fab! (I have one small, weak coffee a week)
3) I’ve been making t-shirts for myself, finally overcoming my fear of sewing with knits! These are intended to be maternity tops and I’ve made them long and roomy in the front.
4) my embroidery kick is coming to a close. A bassinet quilt is next. I’m thinking different tea dyed shades for a pale effect.
5) I quizzed some mother friends if mine about how the ‘no blanket SIDS rules’ work in Tasmania where houses are poorly heated and bedrooms aren’t generally heated at all. Apparently people do use blankets anyway. Nobody wants to see a baby with hypothermia!
6) on that note I’ve been contemplating a baby sized crochet ripple blanket.
7) we are having a ‘staycation’ this Easter 🙂
8) the next post here will have photos. I promise!

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