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Just a Few Things

Changing Rooms

Chris has been working hard behind the scenes on this little blog (like writing code and stuff!) so that we can move it all over to a Wordpress format.  Yippeee!

It’ll make posting a lot quicker 🙂  and he assures me that I’ll even be able to post from my phone!  Imagine…. I’m working on something, take a picture with my phone and blog about it immediately.  And all from the comfort of the couch or from my whirlwind sewing room, or wherever.

We’ll have a go at moving it over this weekend.  The web address will stay the same and the old content will be available but we’ll have a whole new set up.

Cutting out the Crap

I’m a big fan of Google Reader.  But a few high volume sites take up much of my precious blog reading time and provide little ‘creative nourishment’ in return.

Today I was ruthless and deleted sites like a mad woman.  I’ve gotten rid of anything that has major focus on consumerism, high end product design and any of that trend crap. It has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth recently.

How great it is to feel NORMAL

I can now celebrate the end of feeling tired and sick every single day!  It can really make a girl feel resentful and annoyed at the whole idea of childbearing and more than once I cursed my femaleness. 

Anyway, I have lots of pent up ideas and creative impulses that are getting a little hard to reign in now that I’m back in business 🙂

OK see you on the other side…. hopefully with a shiny, new, (and working) littlefishcreations!!

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