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I’ve Quit Coco-Pops – Cold Turkey

The removalists are coming on Thursday.  So I need to get my craft and art supplies sorted out.  But I sorta got distracted by the basket of scrap fabrics under my desk.

This is the bag I made – front and back.  The only thing is that it took me four hours. I can’t believe it took me that long!   I think I spent too much time spaced out on the couch and I think I know why…

I’ve accomplished very little this week because of coco-pops.  I normally wouldn’t touch ’em, and I blame it on pregnancy cravings, but man they taste good and the snap, crackle and pop makes me strangely happy.  But I think they make me feel weird, sort of light headed and desperately in need of a lie down. 

So as of today, I’m back on the porridge. (and I’m gonna make more bags… cleaning can wait!!)

I’ve added some new blogs to my google reader account recently:

Needled is the blog of Wazzuki who lives in Edinburgh.  A fabulous writing style… and creative style too.  I got hooked in when I came across her making ties for her male loved ones for Christmas, very cool! 

Yummygoods is the blog of Melissa who lives in Cape Cod.  I love the colours and love that she recently set up a real life shop in about four weeks.  Melissa has a bright, forthright style and I like it 🙂

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