Screaming Weaving

HerringboneThis was intended to be a quick little towel warp and I wanted to focus on fun stuff like treadle tie ups and adjustments. But with this loom, with this warp, with this project; I had problems with draw in and then I had problems with ends breaking… lots and lots of ends!

At great expense I mail ordered a temple (stretcher), and when I first used it I broke 8 ends all at once.  I wasn’t happy… oh no, I was not happy at all!

After replacing all the ends I realised I was headed for some annoying tension issues and cut about 3/4” off each side of the warp.  I cut out all the problem warp ends and started afresh.  The purple sides are skinnier than they were, but my sanity is restored.

With proper(ish) temple use the weaving has been progressing smoothly – thank goodness!

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4 Responses to Screaming Weaving

  1. Sampling says:

    Despite the problems, it looks wonderful!

  2. meg says:

    it looks great. loving the colours. someone once said to me ‘if art isn’t frustrating, it’s too easy’ not sure if this applies to craft….

    • Claire says:

      Thanks Meggie. I don’t think that craft has to be hard to be worthwhile, but I think learning anything will present challenges big or small. I do know a lot more about my loom now 🙂

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