Peasant dresses for Ada

Simple to make/comfy to wear.


I bought this soft double gauze from Linnet in Japan.

I have made three since I set up my new sewing room last week and I’ll be making many, many more.

Though my growing boy needs a whole new set of pants first and its a pretty high priority! This time ’round his pants will have pockets – essential for any (almost) 3 year old it seems.

I am so happy to have a whole room of my own again. It is away from the children’s rooms so I am able to sew in the evenings too – what bliss!

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2 Responses to Peasant dresses for Ada

  1. Sarah says:

    Ohhhhhw I like that fabric!

    I am sew (he he he) impressed you habe already set up the sewing room! AND sewn that much ! Way to go!

  2. meg says:

    i love it! just so sweet. you must be very happy to have your sewing room up and chugging along =D

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