We’re enjoying a break in sunny Queensland. There is snow on the mountain at home which means it’s cold, cold, cold! So we are congratulating ourselves on on an excellent holiday choice 🙂

Stupidly, I left home without any sewing or knitting… And I’ve yet to stumble across any likely supplies. So my fingers are starting to get a bit twitchy! Lesson learnt!


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2 Responses to Holiday!

  1. mw says:

    hey you haven’t moved recently, have you? oh i am so jealous you guys are on vacation enjoying the warmth and the beach. it is supposed to be spring here but still feels like winter to me. :\.
    wish i could send you some knitting/sewing stuff. i hate it when i forget things like that too when i’m elsewhere. but i am sure you’ll find a way to make something creative somehow! :). xo

    • Claire says:

      We haven’t moved 🙂 i feel for you! you guys have had such a long winter from what I’ve been reading.

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