A Little Problem with Red


I had a brainwave to use up my tiny stash of silk fabrics to make a little hexagon bassinet quilt and almost immediately started tacking this gorgeous red dupioni over some hexagon papers.

After a while a little worry popped into my head ‘what if this red colour runs?’. So I tested a scrap under running water and sure enough… 🙁

So I’m not really sure how or even whether to proceed now. I might do some tests to see if I can find a way to make my original idea work.

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2 Responses to A Little Problem with Red

  1. Claire says:

    Have you tried using Synthrapol on the fabric? – it’s used for removing excess dyes in fabric.
    If you can’t get it, sometimes just putting the fabric in very salty water does the trip. It mightn’t work on silk though, so you’d need to try it on a test piece.

  2. judy martin says:

    What would be the worst case scenerio.
    Maybe red ‘running’ would be beautiful.

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