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Summer Pudding Quilt

It’s been a LONG time in the making… but I’ve finally finished a quilt made with the red/reddish fabrics I collected over 6 years ago!

I think I originally had a pineapple block quilt in mind but my passion for intricate piecing didn’t last the distance (unfortunately!).

Then last year I decided to make an irish chain quilt which only involves piecing squares. However, when I layed the quilt out I realised that some of my reddish fabrics were too pale pinkish and the effect was ruined against the cream/tan background.

So I improvised and came up with this lap quilt:

I had this quilted by a long arm quilter, an expensive option, but I just wasn’t going to get to it myself anytime soon. I’m just glad that it’s done and in use.

It’s just the right size for couch snuggling, goes very nicely with our lounge room stuff and almost makes our place look well put together!

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