Daily Archives: November 20, 2010


Market preparations are coming together very nicely 🙂 

Christmas ornaments:

And little paper mache boxes decorated in a similar manner – I think they’ll look nice displayed on our table.

My favourite things to make have been these covered button hair slides:

Ohhh the colour balance on this pic is way out… but you get the idea 🙂 

The things I disliked making the most were these brooches


In order to scupt the petals on these flowers I melted the edges very carefully with a naked flame.  This all started with me trying to convert some lovely red silk dupioni into flowers.  But I couldn’t work it out so I ended up with nylon chiffon which isn’t the most enjoyable material to work with.  They look good though 🙂

I’ve also got bags, swans, zippered pouches and gift tag sets…. I’m nearly finished with the packaging/presentation side of things so this leaves me with a whole week to create more things!!  I just can’t decide what I should make! LOL

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