Daily Archives: June 29, 2010

A little meme

I’ve constructed a pleated and gathered pocket to attach to the front of my latest wrap-around skirt to groovy it up.  Plain black denim = BORING.  There’s only a tiny amount of work left on this project, but I haven’t managed to settle in and finish it for over a week.  I’d better get my act together!

I was going to hold off posting again for another couple of weeks, but I’ve been lured back by a meme :o)  Thanks Kathryn.


1. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately?  I like simple sewing, so I’ve got lots of wraparound skirts and baby pants in the pipeline 🙂  I’ve got the fabric, I’ve just gotta find the time!

2. What’s the one place you want to visit that you’ve never been to before.  Ha!  given all our recent real estate searching I’d like to visit our future home ASAP.  We’re hoping that we’ll know it when we see it.  In terms of destinations…I’d really love to go skiing in New Zealand.

3. How do you relax?  Making stuff is my favourite way to relax.  Sewing, embroidery and playing with wool…

4. What is your favourite holiday.  I’d take any skiing or kayaking holiday right about now.  My favourite trip has probably been the Port Davey/Bathurst Habour kayaking trip we did a number of years ago.

5. What is one sewing skill you want to learn/try out?
Well it’s not so much ‘sewing’ but I’m taking a one day adult education course in rug hooking next month.   A craft I’ve wanted to try for ages is weaving, I’ll get to it one day 🙂

6. Can you knit/crochet? Other crafting talents?  Knit, crochet, spinning, feltmaking, quilting, fabric dyeing… and the list goes on, and on, and on.  I like learning new stuff.

7. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?
  Apart from normal every day clothes; at the moment I’m wearing scarves and tights to try and stay warm.  My sister knitted me a pair of wristwarmers recently and they are a very welcome addition to my wardrobe… I should be wearing them now considering how cold I feel. 

8a. How much time do you spend reading blogs?  Maybe too much time :-p  Thank goodness for Google Reader!

8b. Your motto/mantra
  Right sides together LOL  It’s amazing how often I muck that one up!  Other than that, my most oft spoken phrase lately is ‘Jasper NO!  don’t touch the knobs on the oven. HOT!’   or  ‘ Jasper, here, let me wipe your nose please’.

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