Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

See you Soon!

After a long think I have decided to continue blogging.  Thanks to everyone for your feedback and encouragement :o)

However, I will be taking a break of 2-3 months while we travel and get settled into our new home.  So please check back in mid to late July.

Taking the time to reflect about what I’m doing here has been a good thing as I have identified areas where I can make changes to improve the experience for me and hopefully for you too:

Blog Identity and Networks: I’ve been blogging for a long time (blog-wise) and I continue to be very interested in textile art and innovation.  However my main creative outlet is currently utilitarian textile creations (craft?), and I realised that I haven’t been making much of an effort to connect with the many like minded bloggers out there! 

At the suggestion of Gina, I linked into the Kootoyoo’s ‘My Creative Space’ meme over the last couple of weeks which has intoduced me to many bloggers with similar and inspiring interests.  This has lead to new commenters too 🙂

Comments:  A few of you suggested that the comments part of the blog could be improved.  I asked Chris to look into this and we have made some changes.  I hope that commenting is now easier for everyone. 

I’ve also asked Chris to find a way to have comments sent to my email address to make responses easier for me. Another option is to respond to comments within the the blog itself  e.g. ungtblod.

Content: Most of your feedback indicated that you are interested in crafty content with some glimpses into what’s happening with my life…. the past year ‘life’ has been a bigger factor than usual – I had a baby!

I also had a good look at some of some of my favourite blogs and the quality of images is a huge factor in my enjoyment of them. So I’ll be keeping the camera close by over the coming months to work on improving the quality and quantity of my photographs.

Signing off for now:

Thanks for reading everyone.  I’ll see you in a couple of months.

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