Daily Archives: April 15, 2010

My Creative Space – Inspiration

Today I’m participating in My Creative Space.  Which feels a bit fraudulent because I haven’t done anything creative since Sunday.  Until today that is. Today I took my camera into my workroom and took a photo of the only orderly thing in there.  My button box.


My friend Erin emailled me a few months ago – she said she’d like to learn to sew and did I think she’d be able to do it?  Uh YES! and I’d happily show her how any time, any place. 

Well let me tell you, Erin has put me to shame!  She now whips up cute little outfits for her baby at an astonishing rate and you should see the big monster softie she made – FANTABULOUS!!!  Erin isn’t afraid to tackle things… drafting up outfits, sewing on elastic, applique – you name it, she’ll try it.  I’m so inspired! 

And she’s set for buttons for life… She ‘accidentally’ bought another 2000 buttons on ebay last week LOL

So I’m now scouting around for a portable project to take with me on the road.  I’m thinking crochet, paper piecing or an embroidery project.  But I want it to be something a bit different, a bit exciting…. Any suggestions?

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