Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

The Sewing Nest

The dining room table has been appropriated for sewing this week.  Rather than worrying about freezing to death in Hobart due to my wardrobe of only tropical appropriate clothes – I’m using my stash’o’fabrics to whip up a mini wardrobe.

This morning I finished a lined, A-line wraparound skirt which is made from eyelet fabrics with an eyelet lace a the bottom.  Eyelet overload!  I think it’s pretty though 🙂  Not exactly Hobart Winter Appropriate… but perhaps with a pair of woolie tights and a nicely heated house I’ll survive.

I traced the pattern from a book called 49 1/2 Skirts by Alison Willoughby.  The skirts featured in the book are a bit too over embellished for my taste but it’s fun to browse through.  I added a couple of inches width to the pattern for a nice overlap.

On Tuesday I made a pair of wide leg pants from a beautiful charcoal coloured linen/cotton fabric.  I used that Vogue pattern that I adjusted – though I undid most of the adjustments as my first pair of shorts were a tad tight – over fitted is a term I’ve recently come across 🙂   No photos of these pants as yet… because I wore them yesterday and now they’re in the wash :-).

Today I plan to make another wraparound skirt from this Nani Iro fabric.  I really dislike this fabric (which I bought mail order).  It has a rough, coarse feel to it, it’s see through and the print is a little too ‘shack curtains’ for my taste.  Better to sew it up into something than having it moudering around in my workroom for the next 100 years.  You never know, I might enjoy wearing it!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my last post.  I’m still mulling things over but I’m currently leaning towards continuing the blog.  Over the next few days I’ll be making a list of the things I’d need to modify around here to make it a more enjoyable place to blog in and to visit.

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