Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

The Epic Road Trip Home

A couple of weeks ago Chris and I decided that we would start looking for opportunites to move back ‘down south’ (as they say in the Northern Territory).  Preferrably somewhere in Victoria or Tasmania. 

Chris noticed a job ad with a paper mill in Southern Tasmania and sent off an enquiry.  The next day they were on the phone, last weekend they flew him down to Hobart for an interview (crazy, crazy flights), and yesterday he accepted their job offer and resigned from his current role!

Whew!!!!  I’m SOOO excited.  We are returning to the city (CITY!!! OMG!!!) where we went to university, where we met, where we still have many friends and where we never in our wildest imaginings thought we would find suitable employment for Chris (ya just gotta look, duh!). 

We’re thinking of driving back:

I should probably start knitting.  Poor Jasper has lived his whole life in the tropics and we are just about to dive into a Hobart winter. I’m off to browse Ravelry now (too bad I sold all my wool!)

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