Daily Archives: February 19, 2010

Pencil Over Watercolour

I’m proud that I said I’d get my pencils out and then I actually did it!

First I taped off my ‘frames’ and layed down a watercolour base.  Then I got busy with my pencils 🙂

This is very bumpy handmade watercolour paper from Creative Paper in Burnie, Tasmania (my home town).  We did a tour of their new home at the Maker’s Workshop when we were home in January.  The new facility has lots of potential and I especially liked the maker’s kiosks where you can meet and chat with the makers while they are creating.  The day we were there we spoke with a sculpter (paper mache figures) and a glass bead maker.

In my recent cull of craft supplies I got rid of all my art papers.  In future I’ll be buying small quantities for immediate use. I’ve got 6 more postcard sized pieces of this paper left and I think I’ll use the rest up this weekend.

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