Daily Archives: February 16, 2010



Here we have Jasper watching Chris mow the lawn. When we got back from our holiday some parts of our lawn were nearly taller than us.  Chris had to tackle it in parts over a number of days.

Jasper is pulling himself up onto furniture now, though he still doesn’t know about stepping.  He loves playing with doors, opening and closing, opening and closing.  Watching the top of the door as he moves it at the bottom.  Like some amazing puppet master.

I’m worried he’ll get his fingers jammed.  Today he got his foot awkwardly and firmly stuck under his bedroom door, I tried to gently pry it out but eventually had to use brute force…  I thought surely I must have broken it.  But it was just mildly grazed and he cried for about 30 seconds before moving onto more interesting things.

Tonight I’m thinking about coloured pencils… I’ve had a set of Derwents since I was 15 and I’m thinking that it’s time to USE them.  But first.  Sleep.

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